Junior Indoor Soccer

Indoor Soccer for Toddlers

Three Reasons to Let Your Child Play Junior Indoor Soccer

Life lessons are easier to learn in a sports setting such as junior indoor soccer. Children learn the value of teamwork whilst they have fun learning and practicing running, passing, and ball skills. The enthusiasm of spectators, teammates, and coaches makes the game entertaining during each session.

Why is it important to encourage children to take part in indoor soccer for kids? Players who participate in games as early as under 8’s have a lot of energy to expend. The coaches, assistants, older players, and parents enjoy showing and talking about strategy and hints to improve the game. Respect for rules is a lesson learned by enforcing particular guidelines, such as the keeper’s goal semi-circle that no other player can enter.

Ask about the equipment used during practice and games. Sometimes softer soccer balls are used during early skill levels to reduce the chance of injury. Techniques are quickly learned and improved. It maximizes fun and competition during the game. The ball stays alive because junior indoor soccer is played with netted courts that keep the ball from going out of bounds.

Indoor junior soccer often includes 6 players a team. Up to 3 subs are allowed during the game. Two 14-minute halves keep the constant action of indoor junior soccer games flowing. It is easy to feel enthusiastic when there is something to do every moment of practice and actual play.

Contact Indoor Sportz if your junior wants to play but doesn’t have a team. There are often place available in established teams. Your child can build new friendships whilst building skills in junior indoor soccer.

When can I play?
  • Saturday Morning
Umpires & Equipment

We supply referees and a ball for every game at every age group, so all you have to do is come down to Indoor Sportz and have fun.

How to Register

Complete the Juniors Signup Form to register online or if you would like more information, please contact us

Game Duration

Duration: 40 minutes

In fairness to all teams, if there are issues with your team making a certain time, or making it to the game, please contact the centre via email: games.strathpineindoorsports@outlook.com

What does it cost?

Game fees: Only $8.00 per player

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