Junior Sports Teams

Don’t get bored, come play some Sport instead! You’ll love it!

There are plenty of sports for juniors to enjoy at Strathpine Indoor Sports. You can choose from Indoor Soccer, Indoor Netball, Indoor Cricket and of course ‘On the Beach’ Volleyball. Come play the sports you and your mates love to play or come play them all.

You can come as a team or just yourself and we’ll get you sorted out with a team where you will meet plenty of new friends and have a blast.

What a great opportunity to try out different sports and to see if there is one you might take your talent all the way through to performance level. We have had Australian cricket representatives’ developed from Strathpine Indoor Sports, so there is nothing stopping you from getting your sporting dream started right here.

Not only do we have players and coaches that help develop your skills. Strathpine Indoor Sports also prides itself in having professionally trained staff that ensure the safety and well-being of every junior player.

Our sporting facilities are all of the highest quality, in fact, the Australian Indoor Cricket Open Nationals were held here in July 2015 for cricket teams from all over Australia. The event was televised and it was a huge success, an endorsement to the level of professionalism we aim for here at the Strathpine Indoor Sports arena.

We also run a range of fun holiday activities and team comps that make being part of the Strathpine Indoor Sports player roster a load of fun and just a great place to hang out.

We have licensed and highly qualified coaches for all our sports that can help guide you to some immediate improvements in your game, this alone could be a deciding factor in how you develop as a sportsperson.

We are always open and welcoming to new players, so don’t be shy, call us today and we’ll get you just loving your sport.

So whether you are looking for a career in sport or you just want to have a bit of fun with your mates your sporting adventure starts here!

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