Indoor Cricket

Running out of windows to break playing backyard cricket?

Save yourself some money and come and play and have a drink with some mates playing some Indoor Cricket.

Call Us!

Indoor Cricket’s a game that suits enthusiast or novice alike. We have plenty of grades great staff and friendly umpires. The best thing about cricket indoors is it is never boring everyone bowls, everyone bats and the games finished in an hour and a half. You won’t get sun burnt either and naturally there’s no washouts.

If you haven’t played for a while now’s the time to get back into the swing of things. We have men’s comp, juniors comp and ladies competition most nights.

So give us a call and we’ll help you organize your team. After your game you can relive those glory moments over a couple of beers in our sportsman’s bar.

When can I play?

  • Tuesday Nights
  • Thursday Nights

Umpires & Equipment

We supply umpires for every game at every age group along with balls, bats and gloves. Gloves and boxes are available for purchase from our pro-shop

How to Register

Complete the Cricket Team Nomination form to register online or if you would like more information send us an email at

Game Times & Duration

Juniors: 4:30 pm & 6:30pm
Duration: 70 minutes

Open Mens – 6:00pm, 7:15pm, 8:30pm
Duration – 70 minutes

In fairness to all teams your game time will vary each week.  If there are issues with your team making a certain time please contact Christine Hogan on 0408 199 289  or send us an email on :

We play 6 ball overs allowing you plenty of time to enjoy your game

What does it cost?

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